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Our consignment guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in selling your high end and quality items at our store.

Furniture and all other consignment items guidelines and terms:

We have 50/50 ratio for consignment items. 50% of the sale price to the customer, 50% to the store.
All consignment items MUST be approved by our store before it is taken for consignment.
We do not have a delivery/pick up service. We can suggest a delivery company that is proven reliable and provide quality service.


You must agree to each of the following terms prior submitting your items for consignment in our store:

If an item does not sell for two (2) weeks after it was accepted for consignment and there was no interest in the item, we have the right to reduce the price by 20% of the current price. We reserve the right to review and change the price the same way every two (2) weeks thereafter. In case the consignee does not want to discount the item, we should be notified and the item must be picked up from the store in one week after we are notified. If the item is not picked up in one week from the notice it will continue to be discounted.

The store reserves the right to negotiate the price with buyers, even below the standard 20% discount on the items that have previously been discounted or are ready to be discounted due to no interest in the item for more than two (2) weeks.

The store may perform work on consigned items to increase their value and likelihood to be sold, we may raise the price of the item after performed work accordingly to the value it adds to the item. Seller payout will be still based on originally set price even if it sold at increased value price or on actual sold price if it is sold for less than originally set price.

Payouts to consignees are made the month after items are paid in full and picked up by buyers. There will be no payouts issued for items that are still in the store.

In case an item become unsellable due to any reason, the seller will be notified and it must be picked up within 1 week from the notice – after 1 week from the notice it will be discarded or donated.

In case an item was in the store for a long time to lose its price below 20% of what it was originally priced due to no interest in the item (see above how we may reduce the price), we may notify the seller to pick up the item. If item is not picked up within 1 weeks from the notice, it may be donated or discarded if not accepted for donation.

In the unlikely event LOSS or DAMAGE occurs to a consigned article through theft, vandalism, in store mishaps, fire or any other unforeseen circumstances seller will not hold Vasey Upholstery liable for any monetary compensation for those items. For any legal purposes items taken on consignment to Vasey Upholstery have zero monetary value.

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